Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Paano sumali sa Stock Market

Dati rati pa naghahanap na ako ng extrang pagkikita-an as an OFW na hindi kakainin ang buong oras ko at kung maaari less contact na sa tao kasi trabaho ko customer service, paiba naman din. As an OFW mahirap at minsan gusto na nating sumuko diba, at sabihin tama na uwi nalanag ako. Pero my mga paghihinayang at pagdadalawang isip sa magigin mangyayari pag na resign na tayo. Ang daming tanong maglalaro sa isip natin na naging dahilan upang manatili dito.
Matagal na akong OFW halos 10 years na, hindi man ako nagsisisi pero may lungkot kasi tanggapin na natin hindi basihan kung ilang taon tayo dito kung hindi anong kinahihitnan ng mga pinagpaguran natin.

To make it short, meron naman akong napondar pero hindi sapat sa magiging enough ito sa future  pero sa awa na rin cguro ng Diyos sa kanonood ko ng mga videos sa internet napanood ko yung tungkol sa STOCK MARKET.

Ang stock market ay parang palenke lang, mamimili ka kung anong gustong mong companya at ilang shares. May mga blue chips (malalaking companya at nagbibigay ng dibidendo) at penny stocks.

Akala ko dati ito ay para sa mga mayaman lamang at professional strategies pero nagkamali pala ako. Ang stock market ay para sa lahat na willing matuto at mag invest at kaya naman talaga sa bulsa ang opening account.  So ni research ko sa internet paano sumali while nasa abroad ako, maraming broker sa pilipinas gaya ng BPI TRADE, BDO NOMURA at COL FINANCIAL at may iba pa. Pinili ko ang Col Financial.

Lista paano sumali sa COL Financial:

1: Dapat may TIN # ,  (hindi pwedeng wala to)

2: Dapat may bank account sa Pinas .

3: Mag email sa  helpdesk@colfinancial.com na gusto mong sumali at anong gusto mong package which is nasa baba ang pagpipilian.


Minimum Investment: P5,000

  • An entry-level account suitable for long term investing.
    Provides access to basic research reports, standard market
    information, and end-of-day charting data.


Minimum Investment: P25,000

  • For active traders. Provides streaming quotes,
    comprehensive research reports and live chart data with
    some customizable features. 


Minimum Investment: P1 Million

  • For the premier investor. Provides access to all available
    features and a personal relationship manager dedicated to
    assist you. 


4:  Pag nagreply na sila, mag aattached sila ng mga forms, e print, e fill-up (siguraduhing e follow       ang lahat ng instructions)

5:  E send ang mga dokyumento through a courier , sa DHL ko pinadala ang mga ito since malapit yung isang branch nila sa work ko.

6 : Pag natanggap na nila ang mga dokyumento, isa sa mga agent mag e email sayo para mag skedyul ng skype interview.

7: E send and fund sa napiling package, may iba't-ibang option sila paano makapaghulog sa account.
  Please visit their website for more infor:   https://www.colfinancial.com

8: After 2-3 days e email nila sayo ang username at password mo at pwede ka ng mamili sa stock market.

              See you in my next blog.................GOODLUCK TO US

Monday, 24 April 2017


I've been fantasizing to see EGYPT since then, I fell in love with the Egyptian history during our history class and soon became my favorite subject til I graduated. As we know Egypt is full of amazing stories that some people won't believe and has been a study center for the archaeologist.

Cairo  is the capital of Egypt and, with a total population in excess of 16 million people, one of the largest cities in both Africa and theMiddle East (the regions which it conveniently straddles). It is also the 19th largest city in the world, and among the world's most densely populated cities.

I will be sharing my duper short but most loved travel experienced in CAIRO that a traveler must experienced.


*TAXI  -taxi in Cairo is affordable but the inevitable hidden agenda by some of the drivers is happening.  If they see you are a tourist they will try to ask for a fixed rate which is quiet expensive and it always depends on the passenger if they agree. Taxi is the most recommended transportation for the tourist

*METRO  -metro is commonly use by the folks in daily business life, its congested its not advisable for the tourist but if you really wanna try , please try to have a egyptian friend/guide to go with you.

*PUBLIC BUSES  there are 2 public buses, run by the government and run by local egyptians.  So have your choice.

*TRICYCLE  - in Egypt they call it ''tok2x'' but mostly of them can be found in markets and residential areas,

EGYPT road are well constructed in-fairness to the government but the only problem are the drivers & car owners.  OHHHHLALALA the traffic is a big problem in Egypt. They do have traffic enforcers  on the road but it's  just  that the Egyptian are stubborn , they tend to break the road laws. They go & cross whenever and whatever they want even its going to opposite way. Its unbelievably true.


Pyramids of Giza:    The unbelievable and full of hidden stories pyramid. According to the folks belief, pyramids where built by the giant people which later claimed by pharaoh. There is an entrance fee upon entering the pyramid district. Prices differs between local and the tourist.

The Hanging Church

One of the well known restored unique church in Cairo. The  ''Hanging Church'' is literally built Hanged. I felt pleasured that I was able to came in and pray inside the exclusive church.

Before you will go to the hanging church try to pass by this faucet. It is believe that this taps is connected to St. George's well- from which the holy family of Jesus drank from it during their journey to Egypt . Found at the ancient church and is believed the miraculous water.

And nevertheless near the vicinity you can go inside the jewish synagogue.  This is at the back of the Jewish synagogue, as per our guide,  Moses has built his house beside this well, it was been removed after the Jewish people has took over the area. By the way, it's not allowed to take any picture inside the synagogue, once they catch you doing so, expect that they will ask you to delete the said photo.

                                      Nasr square

Nasr square is one of the egypt's modern historic. Do you remember what happened last January 25, 2011?  Revolution happened and the main event was in Nasr Square.Though  it was almost all over egypt but Nasr square serves as the center of the revolution. The barracks where still there when I visited a night before my fligth. Nsr Square is also a business area of the folks, if your looking for some souvenirs then it is the best place. Don't worry the merchant knows how to speak English well.

                                                        Cairo Tower 

The famous skyscraper of Cairo and consider as the tallest in entire egypt and north africa for 50 years.  You will feel like jack & rose in titanic ( without sea) once you reach the observation deck. Among of the best time in egypt, you can see view the whole scenery of cairo and its beautiful nile river. If you likes drinking a cup of coffee while viewing cairo, then there is a very affordable sky restaurant , one floor down. Some said that the restaurant occasioanlly rotates.The best viewing time is during sunset. Tickets can be avail inside the vicinity .
                                              Nile River

One of the main reason that excites me to go Egypt is to see the vibrant Nile river. I wanted to see through my eyes the pride of the world' The longest river in the world. Although Egypt has modernized yet Nile river is considerstill primary source of their daily water consumption. I missed my other wish ''to drink it's water'' but I know there will next time and that next time I will make sure I will do what I wished for.

                                                           Egyptian Museum

 The Egyptian museum is the home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiques. It has estimated 120,000 items. The museum is open to the public but has a very tight security force. A very huge museum that will take almost 2-4 hours of your time if you really wants to witness the different artifacts and mummies. Please be aware that there are some restricted areas not allowing to take pictures. You can hire a tour guide, they are visible inside the museum with reasonable charge.


 Food is a staple every travelers it may a local or international trip. also reason why we go to another country, to taste it's authentic cuisine. If it is your first time to eat arabic food then you'll find a twist in your pallet.

Egyptian food is particularly different, every meal time,there must be a sliced of fresh vegetables. It's not typical for an asian. Breakfast may comes with foul medammes, boiled egg, tahina, falafel, and Arabic Egyptian bread. Lunch and dinner is much heavier, they love to cook meaty food like lamb, beef or lessly chicken best with egyptian rice, When it comes to desserts, prepare a lot of water , they love super sweet desserts.

The above picture is an Egyptian street bread, Some people consider it as unhygienic as the vendor is selling this bread on the street ..they usually place the bread on thebasket openly but if you are not conscious then have a try . It's more tasty with a cheese.

Don't forget to sip their famous freshly squeezed sugarcane juice while roaming the downtown area. And also try the street coffee coffee/tea vendors, cheap and good but then again not hygienic for the sensitive individuals.

Cairo is a safe place for the tourist , don't believe whatever hearsay or news you see or heard.  Mostly of the egyptian doesn't know how to speak English but once you get to know about them,they are very accomodating and they will try their very best to make your trip a memorable experience ever.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Pension Pharmador

I didn't  expect that I will be granted a very limited days for my first schengen visa, I thought the very least is 16 days above but it was surprisingly not , so now I have to plan my trip quickly. Since it is a first time for me to travel in Europe, my fiancĂ©e has helped me to organized a good, safe but affordable hotel and we found " PENSION PHARMADOR"

Pension Pharmador is a beautiful 3 star category pension house and primly located in the heart of Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 39, 07. Neubau, 1070 which is only 10 minutes walk from westbanhof station. For the first timer traveler like me, you will find difficulty in knowing the place but through the help of the friendly austrians I got to shot the place.

I arrived late in the evening and the owner who patiently waited for me in the reception has welcome with the warmth smile though I can see he is already sleepy. He handed over 2 keys, one for the main door of the building and one for my room. He also showed me the lift and the restaurant for the breakfast as well as in what to do if I need assistance while the reception is close and he bid a goodnight farewell.

My room is huge enough and its about 30 sqm. with the 2 joined bed. The first thing I noticed when I entered the room, were the beautiful paintings hanging on the walls.

Since it late and myself is drowning in tiredness, I quickly change and put my body on the bed. The next morning I wake up in the bright morning and its time to see whats on in the Pension Pharmador.

The Pension Pharmador is equipped with a 14 inches old style Television, mostly of the channels are in german language but it's not a problem for me as everyday I'm going out early morning and coming back late in the evening.  I love the bathroom it is too clean and tidy.  They have their own idea in shower amenities ''all in one'' the black container  is also usable as a conditioner, shower gel and shampoo.

They always make sure that my room is odor free and well maintain, most especially the bathroom,the towels are rightly fresh and well arrange.

                                       The hallway going to my room
guests can use the lift service but mostly of the guests uses the stair especially the Austrian guests.

The Pension Pharmador is uniquely decorated with beautiful paintings and nonetheless different structures of statues. They also make sure a thorough cleanliness in the lobby and hallways is at fist.


My second favourite place of the hotel. I  really choose to book with breakfast so I will experience the austrian breakfast style and ofcourse it's my headmost travel experience so I aim to make it bodacious.  Breakfast is scrumptious and has alot of healthy options like the fresh salami, yougurt, choices of cheese, cereals, fruits & vegetables , cooked eggs  and the sweet slices of fruit cakes. Fresh milk, juices, coffee and tea and sparkling water are solely at served.

These treasured memories is because of the super friendly ''mommys'' hotel staff. They always wear a warmth smile and being helpful is already in their blood. Pension Pharmador has invaded a beautiful  story in my life that I will always cherish.

                                                         See you in my next blog

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How to Apply for Egypt Tourist Visa

A wish granted! Egypt Tourist visa is the quickest and hassle free I ever did among all the visa applications. Egyptian Embassy is in Khalid bin Waleed Road, Ummu Hurair 1, Consulate Area, P.O.Box 2575 Burdubai, Dubai with the contact number +971 (0) 4 397 1122. I have another hint for you to locate well the embassy, it is also close to Burjuman Mall about 5 minutes walking distance and across the Iranian School.

Please take note the embassy timing is only from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM (Sunday-Thursday).

I'ts my rest day but I choose to wake up early so I can walk to the embassy and inquire for the requirements and I was attended by a friendly staff and he enumerated below:

*  photocopy of the residence visa

*  photocopy of passport

*  NOC ( employment certificate)

*  hotel booking ( not necessary)

* 1 2x2 photograph with white background is recommendable

*  original passport

*  visa application form ( printed copies is available in the embassy)

The next day I came back with all the documents. I took the token and waited for 30 minutes before my number was called and lined up once again in counter 3 to submit my application and paid 140 dirhams. The official has handed me a ''arabic written claim slip''. I didn't understand it all what he wrote but all he told me to bring it with me once the visa is ready.

I came back after 2 days as per his advised, although it is not my first time to apply for a tourist visa however I'm still indefinite that they might denied my application. The official has told me to come back after 2 PM while pointing on the receipt sayin '' Its 2 o'clock in the afternoon & I wrote that on the that claim slip'' and I just nodded as if I agree, its my fault I fail to asked for the translation.

So I don't have choice but to ask Ozi to get my passport back again for me as I needed to head up to my work before 1 o' clock in the afternoon.  He prank me again at 4 PM, he called saying that they refused my application because of my position , it jell off my energy but thankfully he take it back and spiritedly told that ''I GET THE VISA'' I'm just joking .

The moment he sent it in wattsup, that's the only time I believe him. I'm tremendously happy and excited that soon one of my bucket list will be fulfill.  I can't wait to see and explore Egypt. Wait for me I will see you very soon.

A simple advise, go and apply directly to the embassy rather than going to the travel companies and pay double. Trust me it's not difficult, all you need to do is to ask and properly take note the documents needed. Lastly do your own research and you will know what I am saying.

                   See you again in my next blog!!!!!!

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Must SEE Places of RoMe!

It's my first blog for this year 2016 yet it's another overdue post. Travelling to Italy was one of my ultimate wish and I thought it would be just a dream because we were in a low class family but life is unpredictable. Basically it was indeed unimaginable fast travel experienced I ever did. When I received  the schengen visa in March 2015, I only planned to go Austria to spend my 7 days vacation but everything was changed.

My plans were twisted and I decided to buy a ticket going to Rome Italy. I didn't know exactly what to do in those 2 1/2 days because I will be traveling alone but I have a mountains of trust in myself that everything will be fine. Having a short time to spent, I have tripled my time to catch every spot of Rome although the weather was not good. Limited places yet a beautiful memory.

Rome is the capital of Italy, it is also the country's largest and most populated and fourth most populous city in European Union. In 2014, Rome ranked as the 14th most visited city in the world.

BASILICA   (Santa Maria dei angeli e dei martiri )                       

The hotel I stayed on was very close to basilica   Santa Maria dei angeli e dei martiri church. The moment I reached the hotel at 2 P.M , I didn't take a pause to rest, dropped my luggage in my room  and  take the city map from the reception and kick my feet off to the road.

The street was very crowded and unpleasing to see due to some beggars, drunk people and especially there are  signs everywhere '' be careful of the pickpocketers'' however it didn't wept off my interest to explore Rome.

Basilica is considered as one of the oldest church in Rome wherein it's built in the year of 1561. The church is dedicated to the blessed virgin Mary, all the angels and saints.

The beautiful round about infront of the basilica is a perfect place to take some of your time to sit with your friends/ family while seeing the sun goes down with a piece of crocchetta. While I was there I met new friends from India, they are also tourist like me and being a single traveler I needed someone to take a single shot of me and they were the answered to my prayers.


front view 
back view

The weather wasn't that friendly when I visited altare della patria, it rained the whole day. As expected, a lot of people inside taking pictures, couples, friends, and a single travelers like me. I knew it's going to rain but I ignored the heavy dark clouds earlier in order to wander altare della patria. 

Altare della Patria is also known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II is a monument
built in honour of Victor Emmanuel, the first king and he is known as the '' Gentleman King'' of an unifield Italy. 

There is also an authentic outdoor restaurant  in Altare della Patria, the amazing view is a big plus for the diners.


For several hours I waited inside altare della patria hoping for the rain to stop but instead it continued til on. I've decided to take a shoot of the colosseum  -50 meters away from my standing point. This is not my own shot, as much as I wanted to make a clear shot, my camera has a limited functions and enhancer. Anyway in short it was not a good shot ''it's blurred and dark'' so better to kept it privately. 

Colosseum is taken from the name of the emperor nero ''The Colossus''. The Colosseum is also known as the flavian amphitheatre, an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome.  

The first day is almost over, I still desire to take another trip however it's getting dark and it's  late for a lady traveler. Before going back my room, I dropped by in the supermarket inside the Termini to purchase some of the goodies & wines.


I intently wake up early in the morning so I can visit the St.Peter's Basilica and to utilize the remaining one  night of my tour.What I like most about my hotel is, it is very close to TERMINI (terminal) the biggest terminal station in Rome. 

The suns seems not in a good mood again to shine, and the rain is approaching but I did't stop me at all.  I went to the bus station, buses is reachable outside the termini. It's another busy day and it means another long wait in the station. 

Who is not dreaming to see Vatican City especially st. Peter's Basicala? I believe it is a dream or desire of every people especially the Roman Catholic , isn't it? When I was still living in the Philippines my neighbors and radically my mother has always wanted to be Rome and it never came in my mind that I will fulfill my mom's dream.

Saint Peter's Basilica, the world's largest church, is the center of Christianity inside the Vatican City. The imposing structure was built over a span of more than one hundred years by the greatest Italian architects of the era.


The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building of ancient Rome. It is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan of  Rome.

Pantheon was in my list to visit, but I have to marked it off, the bad weather was inevitable. This photo is taken from the internet. 


This Fortress was built as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian, built it has also been a prison and a papal residence. It was used by former Popes who absconded there for protection in times of danger. There has been a covered passage way which still connects Castel Sant Angelo to The Vatican.

My 2 nights just pass so fast, as much as I want to captured every beautiful historical places in Rome, the time has ended, a sign that I needed to close my lenses for now. Regardless of the people's warning to look after my belongings but  fortunately I am going to finish my first see journey in Rome safely and happily.

Rome is a very old city yet a meaningful historical place to visit, the people I met, the italian delicacies that can be found only in Rome and every scene will last and stay in my heart forever. I will always and love you Italy, I will see you soon again.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


For the information of the all the Roman Catholic both residents and Dubai visitors and wandered where is the church, St. Mary's Church is  located in oud metha street, opposite side of Indian High School. It is consider as the first church in Dubai.

For the public transport users, there are several buses that goes and stop infront of the church. You can phone RTA( road and transport authority) 800 9090 for the bus number & schedules. Nevertheless you can use the comfort of the METRO,'' oud metha metro station'' is 5 minutes away from the church.

In 1966, his highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum has donated the land to build the church  and it was inaugurated on April, 07,1967.

                                     I listed below the schedules of the daily mass.

Daily Mass Schedules

 Monday to Thursday:
  • 6:00 am :  English mass
  • 6:45 am :  English mass
  • 12:00 pm: English mass
  • 7:00 pm :  English mass

  • 6:00 am : English mass
  • 7:15 am :   English mass
  • 9:00 am : English mass
  • 4:45 pm :  English mass
  • 6:15 pm :   English mass
        Childrens Mass  (all Masses held at the main altar) : obligatory
  • 10:15 am : English mass
  • 3:30 pm   : English mass

  •   6:00 am : English mass (daily mass liturgy)
  •   6:45 am :  English mass
  •   9:00 am : English mass
  • 12:00 pm : English mass (Children's Mass during Catechism season)
  •   5:00 pm : English mass
  •   7:30 pm : English mass

  • 6:00 am :   English mass
  • 6:45 am :   English mass
  • 9:00 am :   English mass
  • 12:00 pm : English mass
  • 4:30 pm :   English mass
  • 6:00 pm :   English mass
  • 7:30 pm :   English mass

There are some other mass schedules in other languages.
Arabic Mass  (all Masses held at the main altar) : obligatory
Every Friday    : 11:30 am, 8:00 pm
Every Sunday : 11:00 am

Tagalog  (Mass held at the main altar) : obligatory
Every Friday : 12:45 pm

French Mass
  (Mass held at the main altar) : obligatory
Every Saturday 6:15 pm 

Konkani Mass 
3rd Friday of every month at 2:00 pm
2nd Thursday of every month 8:00 pm in the Main Hall 
4th Thursday of every month 8:00 pm

Malayalam Mass  (held at the main altar) : obligatory
Every Friday 2:00 pm
1st and 3rd Thursday of every month 8:00 pm
4th Wednesday of every Month 8:00 pm

Malankara  Rite  (held at the mini hall) : obligatory
Every Friday 7:30 pm 

Tamil Mass  obligatory
1st and 2nd Thursday of every month at 8:00 pm
3rd Wednesday of every month at 8:00 pm
4th Friday of every month 7:30 pm in the Chapel

Singhalese Mass  obligatory
4th Friday of every month 4:30 pm

Urdu Mass  obligatory
Every Thursday at 7:30 pm

Portuguese Mass

3rd Saturday at 10:30 am

Polish Mass
2nd Sunday at 7:00 pm

Ukranian Mass
4th Sunday at 7:00 pm

St. Mary's Church also do offer some short courses for the parishioners ex:  IELTS, computer programmer etc. They also posted some job vacancies and classified ads. If you need any  further inquiries you may contact  the parish church 00971 (0) 4 337 0087 / http://saintmarysdubai.org/

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dubai tourist Visa for Filipinos

After I took my sister in Dubai, I started receiving some inquiries from friends in Dubai and also from the Philippines on how to apply the visa for their family/ friends here. It's been part of my plan to have my sister joined me in Dubai yet due to money issues, I kept on postponing the process til last year I got the agility to take her for tourist visa . Before that, I've done my researched and have had asked from many travel & tours companies for the quotations until I found Sapphire travel who offered me a very affordable price compare with the other travel and tour companies that I have inquired for. Sapphire Travel is near in Al Attar Building, Al Karama Dubai with the contact number 04 379 5553.

Before anything, for those who are puzzled about Dubai, Dubai is a popular city and one of the 7 Emirates that forms the United Arab Emirates (UAE). United Arab Emirates is a country in Arabian Peninsula that constitute of Abu dhabi (the capital city) Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah, Ajman and Dubai. 

I think it was Jean but not so sure about the name who listed down all the necessary documents that I needed to compile before they can start to process the visa.


*colored photocopy of the passports ( sponsor and the invitee)

 *colored photocopy of the sponsor's residence visa

*employment certificate of the sponsor with the company stamp

* Affidavit of Support ( red ribbon ) from the Philippine Consulate 

      1st option: travel company will do the process for 300 AED
      2nd option:  you can go to the consulate and pay only 100 AED (which I did)

The Philippine Consulate is located in Al Qusais 3 Dubai, it is 15-20 minutes walk from Etisalat metro station. I would suggest to take a taxi rather than to walk  towards the embassy which is quiet dangerous and also to avoid getting lost.

All you need to do once you reach the embassy is to fill up the form which you can get upon entering the embassy, submit to the embassy officer and pay. But before you will fall in the line to pay for the red ribbon, make sure you have some photocopies of the passports and the employment letter. They will give you a small paper which need to be handed over to the empost officer for the delivery. I'm not sure how much I paid for the delivery, I think it was around 20-30AED, you will given a receipt and bear in mind to keep it with you until you receive the papers.

After I have completed all the necessary documents, I went back to sapphire travel to submit papers and pay 2,200 aed for the air ticket( Cebu Pacific), visa and courier. The charges always varies on the air ticket prices.

They've informed me that my sister will receive the courier after a week or 2 and all she needed to do is to make sure to have a

*Original NSO (sponsor and the invitee)

They also told us that in  Ninoy Aquiono Internation Airport (NAIA) the immigration officer  might conduct a verification check  to ensure if all the documents that she has is not fake and also to secure that her intended travel is for visit purposes only and not to look for work.

After a week of waiting my sister has finally received the courier. They next day I called her and asked if she is nervous but she said NO I 'm not. I'm happy that she shows she is gallant and eager to come in Dubai. In the same time I am also worried for her because it will be her first time ever to ride an airplane and also no one is accompanying her through out the whole flight.


Her itinerary is Cebu to manila -Manila to Dubai. When she arrived in NAIA, my sister didn't 

escape from the immigration verification check. She narrated what happened on that day while we are on the way home. She got scared after seeing some of them were offloaded from the flight as they showed their work certificates & diplomas and some has not justify enough the ties between the invitee and the sponsor.

My advise never ever show any work related documents to the immigration officers, it maybe a great help for your job search in Dubai but it might be also a cause that you will be refuse to fly and will come back home regretfully.

My sister was lucky, they only asked her to show the supporting documents and they let her pass without any further questions which was a big relief for us. In spite of  2 hours delayed flight in Cebu Pacific which for sure almost everyone knows for their inconsistency but still we are thankful she arrives in Dubai safely.

Now she is working in Dubai and begun her journey as a OFW.  This is a overdue post yet I am glad to write it down in my blog as a part of my  accomplishment.

Note:  I organized the visa over a year ago , there might be some changes in the process. There are hearsays  that  some travel & tour companies are giving out fake documents, BE CAREFUL