Monday, 23 October 2017

Recommended Websites that Pays Real MONEY

While  at  home, I always like to make my day productive so while not doing anything I surf on the net and do some paid surveys and watch videos that help me to earn extra income..

Below are the  websites that I know and tested that really pays money either gift cards or through  paypal account..For now, I know only few websites as I am still waiting for the pay-out  and once it confirm then I will add it here. So check this out.👇

1:  BAYMACK    😊   and        SNUCKLS
     A very cool 2 in 1 websites that all you need to do is to watch videos and guess which category it  falls, shopping, travel etc. and once you guess it right then you are eligible for the raffle. In my experienced I always win in baymack as in almost everyday. The minimum pay-out is $0.02 . You can see my earnings below that they sent in my paypal account.

  Maybe you are thinking it's less amount but I'm not using much of time because I play the videos while  surfing another websites or my social media accounts. Isn't that cool.?


   It is a website that gives you points for every surveys that you take. Once you reach below points       then you can redeem your points..I personally redeemed my points for 10$ Onecard voucher.

  •     - Exchange 2,500 points for 400 AED cash
  •     - Exchange 200 points for a 10$ OneCard e-voucher
  •     - Exchange 500 points for a 25$ OneCard e-voucher
  •     - Exchange 1000 points for a 50$ OneCard e-voucher
  •     - Exchange 2000 points for a 100$ OneCard e-voucher
  •     - Exchange 4000 points for a 200$ OneCard e-voucher
  •     - Exchange 300 points for a 10$ CashU e-voucher (which you can use on 4,500 websites like iTunes,         Amazon, Skype, Facebook, and much more)
  •    - Exchange 500 points for a 25$ You Got a Gift e-code
  •    - Exchange 1000 points for a 50$ You Got a Gift e-code
  •    - Exchange 700 points for a 35$ Qanz Card e-voucher
  •    - Exchange 40 points for an entry to UAE’s Monthly Draw
  •    - Exchange 200 points for a 36.5 AED donation to an Emirati local charity.

3:  SPARE 5 😂
 I'm just happy that I have this urge in myself to always look for an additional income
 while at home. Spare5 is a great website by just doing simple tasks and you'll be paid.
 Below is my pay-out that they sent into my paypal account 👇


UPDATE: 17 Jan 2018

My Say: In the past days after writing this blog, my eagerness to learn and take extra income online causes somehow bad. I joined the click and pay website and I was earning but later on, I only found out  when I received my monthly bills, I was charged of extra 25$ .It was so shocking that it came from the that website. Be cautious before joining any paid websites.